Why Do Some People Get Angry So Easily?

Nowadays,a lot of people find it common that a number of people around them are becoming more and more fractious. Many of us feel puzzled.

Firstly, I believe that high stress is relevant to this BAD phenomenon. As we all know, people in today’s world, especially those living in cities, are living under huge pressure, which makes people so stressful that they are no longer willing to work but they have to. As a matter of fact, they get bad-tempered because their life is full of UNWILLING THINGS.

Also, people whose work keeps all the same day by day, year by year, forever, are usually impatient to their jobs. Their life is boring, no new ideas at all. Frankly speaking, if I were one of those people, I will become angry when being interrupt as well.

To sum, getting angry easily results from many many factors instead of just what I said above. And our society should take more focus to this bad-tempered, which is bound to make our world more harmonious.



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