About Weight And Health

Recent years has witnessed a sharp increase in the average weight of people as well as lower levels of heath and fitness. In this essay, I will not only analyze the factors leading to this phenomenon but also the solutions of this serious problem.

Personally,I blame the fierce competition among people in modern society, which results in the fast-paced lifestyle, for being the major factor. In fact, everyone has no choice but to finish as much work as they can. More time, more work to do. Hence, in order to squeeze time, they have to accept fast food, also known as junk food, which contains a huge amount of calories but little nutrition. In the end, People find it a common phenomenon that our weight are continuously increasing but our physical conditions are getting worse and worse.

Besides, the sedentary life style is also the factor of this problem. Owing to some technological advances, such as computers, smart phones and so on, people in today’s world are enjoying the convenience of continuous telecommuting. But meantime, continuous telecommuting reduces our time on sports ,which reduces our immune system and threat our health in the end.

So, in order to solve this problem, various measures ought to be taken. Everyone in this society need shoulder his or her share to help improve the situation. For example, it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that 8-hour-working policy is well carried out and that can give company clerks absolutely more time to relax. Also, the companies are supposed to improve the working environment, generating a more pleasant working atmosphere instead of a stressful one. What’ more, they can make relax easier for employees by proving entertainment machines, like a music player a running machine and etc.. Besides, the employees need to learn how to balance work and life so that they can live in a healthier life.

To sum, weight and health problem, if not coped with in a proper way, may pose a huge threat to our society in all fields. Thus, people should fight together to solve the problem.



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