Music-Our Friend Forever

Music-Our Friend Forever

‘I feel so bad! I feel so upset to do any thing. Just let me listen to Adele’s new album! it can make my grief fade away.’ That’s what we often say when we are feeling sad. Of course, making us happy is widely known as one of the elementary function of our good friends-music But music helps us in absolutely more aspects. And I will analyze it in this essay.

First, in fact, no one will doubt that relaxing us is one of the music’s most significant functions. In the ancient period, our painstaking ancestors may not realize that they were creating songs since they just sang when they felt nature to do it. For instance, limited by the lagging tools, they may stop to relax themselves and encourage each other by saying ‘come on!’ at a certain rate to increase the output.And then, such frequent voice gradually became the original song. But in today’s world, things have changed, the competition among people are becoming more and more sharp. Especially in the urban areas, people are now confronting with high-level pressures, caused by the surge of population. As a matter of fact, to avoid some diseases which are linked to huge pressures, like the heart disease, people are aware that we just need to hunt for something to relief our feeling of press. And the music has many merits over other types of entertainment. On one hand, music is weightless, we can store even 1 trillion sweet songs into our mobile phone, and all we need to enjoy the beauty of music is just a smartphone and a earphone, which we will take with us almost every day. On the other hand, listening to music does not consume our energy, so it cost merely time, no more things. Therefore, we turn to the music-our friends forever, and that is also why we are making music deliberately sometimes. We need the excellent music to adjust our moods and to uplift our spirits.

Secondly, the music can also affect our behavior slowly. Take light music for an example, when listening to it, people can also feel a sense of refreshment because the light music is so smooth that it can soothe people when they are getting anxious. And as we all know, the more calm we are, the higher our working efficiency can be. So the light music is helpful particularly when people are working or studying. Of course, other types of music have their own characteristics, which will have a huge impact on people voiceless in different ways.

Thirdly, the music itself is of great education value as well. It’s said by many experts that it is meaningful for pregnant women to broadcast music since it is helpful to their babies in the future. Surely, even the child is more than one years old, it is also worthwhile to make the use of music as a tool to train the child’s endurance. Of course, some interesting music are capable of attracting children to learn something new as well.

And also, the atmosphere at some certain occasions can be affected by music too. People choose different kinds of music depending on what the event is about.If people are organizing a wedding, perhaps choosing a song that is linked to a happy topic make the people who present absorbed in the wedding more, which will make the wedding a big success.

Last but not least, music is also able to help people express their emotions to others. In other word, some times, some words are on the edge of our toughs but they are just not suitable to say in a normal way. For example, most of the boys feel shy to say ‘I love you so much.’ to the girls who they are loving secretly. But by singing a song, their emotion can be passed to their girlfriends in dreams more naturally instead of making everyone feels embarrassed if the girl rejects the boy. What’s more, the girl will feel the boy is a romantic guy which will rise the possibility that the girl accept the boy.

To sum up, whenever we are living in a tribe, in the modern society or even in the future, we all need the power of music to help us feel more comfortable, in order to help ourselves adjust our behavior so that we can do our jobs better, so that we can change our world into a better one. If we are so unlucky to lose music one day, our life will sure to be boring. We can not communicate our favorite singers with our families at the gathering any more. We can not have an accessible approach to feel relax immediately when we want any more…In fact, we can not even imagine what the world will be like without any piece of music because the process of humans’ civilization is accompanied by music all the time.Hence, it is our responsibility to make music industry keep booming forever. It is not only for our generation, but also for our next generation because the music is the bridge between our human beings.

So, The music does play a significant role in our everyday life. And the beauty of music is beyond description. We can’t live without music!



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